The Nunavut Court of Appeal (NUCA) is headed by The Honourable Justice Ritu Khullar who serves as Chief Justice. Judges from our own Nunavut Court of Justice and the Courts of Alberta, the NWT, and the Yukon all serve on the Nunavut Court of Appeal.

Unlike the regular Nunavut Courts, the Nunavut Court of Appeal only sits two to three times a year. There is a panel of judges who hear matters before the Court of Appeal which consists of one to three judges from the list of appointed justices to the NUCA.

If a matter is appealed from the Nunavut Court of Justice, which includes all levels of Nunavut trial courts, all indictable offences go to a panel of the NUCA. However, an appeal from a summary conviction case dealt with at the trial level by a Nunavut Court of Justice judge is dealt with by a single judge of the Court of Appeal.