There are four levels of JP training for this program and three special designations:


Level1- Orientation & Administration

  • conduct weddings
  • sign statutory declarations & administer oaths
  • receive informations
  • issue or cancel summons, arrestwarrants & appearance notices
  • grant adjournments
  • sign consent releases & comittals


Level2- Show Cause & Search Warrants

  • accept guilty or not guilty pleas
  • conduct judicial interim release hearings (including for youth court)
  • issue or cancel search warrants
  • issue warrants to enter & arrest


Level3- Sentencing & SOTls- Ex- Parte Trials

  • sentence summary conviction & SOTI guilty pleas
  • conduct ex-parte trials on SOTI matters


Level 4- Trials-

  • conduct trials of summary conviction, NunavutStatutes & By-Laws
  • breach of conditional sentencing hearings
  • peace bond applications
  • adjournment of child welfare hearings



  • youth court judges(YC)
  • telewarrants(TW)
  • designation to work under the Family Abuse Intervention Act(FAIA)


JPTraining Levels                                                                Updated8September2008